Music is what feelings sound like

At an early age I found interest in electronics, working with radios and televisions.  At age nine my curiosity took me to KIEV in Glendale.  This brought about the start of a parallel interest that would remain with me through the years that followed.  Over time I visited other radio stations and at age sixteen became an announcer at a small station in Banning, California.  At seventeen I decided to start an electronics servicing business.  I continued to announce on a part time basis at a variety of stations which allowed me to advance in the radio business a small step at a time.

After ten years I expanded my horizons working with three national companies in sales and field engineer positions, the last of which was the Winegard Company, where I was based in Seattle.  The frustration of the constant traveling which prevented me from taking radio work, caused me to reevaluate my priorities.  I left the Winegard Company and accepted a position at KBES in the Seattle market.  A short time later I was asked to return to KCMJ in Palm Springs.  From there I found my way to KDWN in Las Vegas.  I later returned to California to work with KDES, KWIZ, and KAFY. In February of 1982 I began a three year position with KPRZ/KIIS in Hollywood.  From there I went to KIEV in Glendale, which was, ironically, the first station I visited at nine years old.

In 1983 I produced Rhapsody, a radio program for syndication.  Over these past years radio programming has continued to draw my interest, and has now brought the creation of Mindful Radio.

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